Value provisioning cannot be performed in one single continuous flow. Different types of transition points exist throughout flows and in particular decoupling points and decoupling zones play a key role in this context. This site is based on these concepts. The site can be seen as an extension of a set of papers that investigates these concepts further.

  • The first paper provides a foundation for the theory and investigates the logical perspective and process management: Wikner (2014) On decoupling points and decoupling zones (the paper is published as open access and can be downloaded here).
  • The second paper provides an overview of the physical perspective and supply chain management. This paper was presented at the APMS conference in Ajaccio 2014 (the paper is available here).
  • The third paper gives some insights about the relationships between the legal perspective and the logical perspective through investigation of financial indicators and strategic lead-times. Forthcoming

The purpose of the site is to provide an overview of the concepts of and the literature on decoupling points and decoupling zones. The site is basically organized in line with the followin figure from the first paper above: